Do you consider yourself to be an effective leader?

That’s a tough question…. What criteria do you measure that by? Interestingly, data can reveal insights into your leadership style? Yes – data! Here are 4 things that how you collect, manage and report on your data tell us about you.

  1. Clean Data vs Data with Gaps

Clean data says you are purposeful in your data collection and you make sure the data you need is being collected appropriately. Plus, someone is checking so any data (human) errors are being found and addressed.

  • Purposeful Collection

Consistent data says that your team knows what you expect of them and are purposeful in their actions. That possibly also means they are performing effectively in general, but it definitely means they know what you expect of them.

  • Accurate Reporting

Reporting comes down to a simple formula: ‘rubbish in = rubbish out’. If you are getting the reporting you need then we know your set up is correct and your data is clean. That tells us you keep a close eye on your data and you understand the strategic and operational importance of clean data. An additionally beneficial bi-product of this is that your funders will most likely recognise you are a high performer in your field because you can deliver on accurate reporting.

  • Data looks forward as well as backwards

If you are collating data in a way that you can see trends and plan for the future, then your data is strategically useful. Leaders who use data this way are able to position their organisations for the future and ensure they are not buffeted too much by the political and environmental changes that come and go.   

Effective leaders have staff who understand the operational rationale for everything they do – and hopefully the strategic rationale as well. Their teams are invested in the organisations direction and know exactly what is expected of them in their role/s. Effective leaders maintain clean data which they use to evidence results and proactively plan for their future.

What does your data say about your leadership?

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