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  • Do you provide health or social services?
  • Do you do case management?
  • Do you need accountability reporting?
  • Do you require the ability to report on outcomes?
  • Do you need to track and formulate client plans?
  • Do you require a rostering programme for staff?
  • Do you want client payments to link into Xero?
  • Do you need to collect data while ‘on the go’?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Exess is the database for you! We provide secure, affordable client management software to manage your data.

Case Management

Exess provides a platform for professional collaboration of all of your case work. It combines the ability to track and monitor individuals and families together with powerful tools to enable your practice.

Large & Small Organisations

With Exess’ infrastructure and scalability, it is suitable for organisations of all sizes. Exess can grow with your organisation


The Exess reporting functions give you the ability to capture both qualitative and quantitative data on client outcomes so you can provide more professional, accurate and attractive information to funders and your governance body without a heavy administrative burden.

Mental Health

Exess gives you the ability to meet your mental health reporting requirements with a range of simple, report options.

Residential Services

The Exess platform allows you to record complex and robust client data which is suitable for long or short term residential settings, emergency housing, and foster care.

Counselling & Social Work

Exess is ideal for agencies that provide counselling and social work services. This will allow your practitioners to schedule appointments, map their client progress, complete your own assessment tools within Exess and create confidential casenotes.

Staff Access and Auditing

Exess gives you the ability to restrict access to data on a staff-by-staff basis, as well as the ability to audit staff activities within the site.

Calendar Functionality

Exess has a fully integrated calendar that reflects client appointments that will allow you to:

  • Book clients, vehicles, and resources into an appointment
  • Avoid booking conflicting appointments

Staff Files

Exess offers you the ability to manage staff files for all your paid, voluntary and contracted team members. Exess assists in performance managing with audit trails and live reporting data.

Xero API

Exess captures payments and links those through to Xero via an API.


Exess includes a staff rostering system for homecare, and other contracts or services where you are organising large numbers of staff across various rosters.


Quickly and easily manage both closed and rolling group participation covering everything from parenting or youth programmes, to mandated family violence programmes.

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