Homelessness Week 1-7 August 2021

Homelessness Week

It’s homelessness week in Australia. One only has to take a walk in any major city across Australia to see that homelessness is a very complex and very concerning issue in our country.

More than 116,000 people are experiencing homelessness on any given night in Australia. Of these 27,680 are young people aged 12-24 years. Family violence, financial difficulties, mental health concerns, lack of affordable housing and lack of employment are just a few of the issues at the heart of homelessness in Australia. The Australian Homelessness Monitor 2020 states that ‘While accounting for only 2.8% of all Australians according to the 2016 Census (ABS 2017), Aboriginal people made up 26% of all homelessness service users in 2018–19. In other words, the rate of homelessness involving Aboriginal Australians is around ten times the population-wide norm.’

Family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children in Australia. Australia’s history of family violence is shameful with one woman every week killed by her current or ex-partner. Those who are at a higher risk of family violence include women with disabilities, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women experiencing financial hardship, and women and men who experienced abuse or witnessed family violence as children.

Incidents of homelessness have increased by 40% in the last 4 years, with the fastest growing cohort of homeless people being those aged over 65.

Homelessness Week

What is Homelessness Week?

Homelessness Week is an annual campaign coordinated by Homelessness Australia. This campaign helps to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia. It looks at the issues the homeless face, and the action individuals, organisations and government can take to achieve long-lasting solutions.

How do I get involved?

  • Volunteer or donate to organisations who work with the homeless
  • Get educated! Use Google and read some real stories on homelessness in Australia
  • It’s chilly out there! Do a wardrobe clear out and donate any big coats directly to homeless people. Or do an op shop drop to organisations who work with them
  • Commit to buying The Big Issue magazine – this raises money for marginalised and homeless people across Australia
  • Use your voice and vote for political parties that have plans to alleviate homelessness
  • Get social! Use the hashtags #HomelessnessWeek21 and #EverybodyNeedsAHome to promote your events and say what you think Australia needs to do to prevent homelessness.

Homelessness Week

How can Exess Help?

For services who work with vulnerable people by providing housing support in communities, correct documentation and reporting is critical.

Exess can help you to capture accurate casenotes, bednights and housing status. It provides in-depth reporting for an accurate picture of the people being supported, and the work done to support them.

Get in contact with us for more information on how we can help you to help your communities.

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